Terms and Conditions

The renter must check propeller and fuel before the departure. Renter will be charged for any damages to the propeller and the lower unit part of the motor, as well as any damage under the boat of “BLUE LAGOON RENTALS”.

The renter is not allowed to carry passengers in excess of the stated capacity of seats.

The renter shall not use the boat for any illegal purpose and shall not use the boat out of our water borders.

You are not allowed to let any other than the renter to use this boat, do not allow swimming, diving or jumping from or near the boat unless motor if off.You are not allowed to beach the boat. You will be charged for any damage you may cause.

Safety equipment and accessories loss is extra charge.

Drinking alcohol while using the boat is prohibited.

Extra charge for fuel.

Operate at a safe speed at all time (especially in crowded areas), be respectful of buoys and other navigational aids, all of which have been placed there to ensure your own safety. Stay away from swimming areas.